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Our live sex call site is an adult line, a live call back proud to offer the best live phone sex on the web. Live sex calls offer private, discreet uncensored and unrestricted live sex chats with no taboos. Sex chats cover various topics from domination, humiliation, fetish and fantasy role play. We operate a live call back adult sex chat which means you get a 121 call back from a sexy girl whenever you want. Adult sex live 121 is provided by our sex lines 247 so we are always here for you. So if you're looking for a live call back with a live phone sex call then give us a ring now. We will fulfil your desires.

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Live Sex Calls


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Live Sex Calls

Calls to 0982 numbers cost £1.53 per minute plus network extras; callers must be 18+ & have the bill payers permission, all live services recorded. Mobile users may receive free marketing messages. Service Provided by Digital Select Ltd, 271 Regent Street, London, W1B 2ES. Helpline: 0844 448 0165.


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Live Sex Calls

Angels live sex calls are exactly that, live sex calls with any girl of your choice. Or let the receptionist pick a girl for you to meet your desires. Angels live sex calls is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we aim to deliver you your call within 5 minutes of booking. To book a live sex call all you do is call our number, talk briefly with the receptionist who will help you decide what type of girl to go for. She will then take your payment and details, and a short while later one of us girls will call you live for our one on one sexy chat. Once the call ends you both hang up, as simple as that.

I'm 30 years old and I do live sex calls to earn my living. I thought of doing many things in my life but being a live phone sex whore was not one of them. Being a live sex calls whore is not as easy or as hard as it seems. It's actually quite a complicated life I lead as a live sex calls whore.

My daily routine is based on sex. Being live on the phone lines talking about sex all the time can be draining. But that is not very often… for me anyway. I love talking live on the calls to men and woman alike about sex. Sex is my passion you see! I am addicted to sex, the whole sex and nothing but the sex. So working the live sex calls is actually my perfect job. I can't get enough of it. Talking to men live on the calls all the time is amazing for me, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I can make men cum with talking to them about my fantasies live on the calls.

Now I'm going to tell you a secret, I'm a married live sex calls whore. Yes I say I am single on the lines because that does put a lot of you off otherwise, and I don't want that. I want to be able to talk to you live on the calls about all the sex you can handle, and then some. My husband doesn't mind me working the live sex calls at all, in fact he loves it and we have had some fun with it. I am a Housewife, but not a very bored one!

Being a live sex calls operative is one of the craziest lives to lead. I hear all sorts of things from day to day. Some days I get calls all day from men, live, wanting plain and simple hot raunchy live sex calls. Then there are the days when I seem to get an influx of calls from men wanting nothing but live domination sex calls. There are also the odd calls that I get from the strange and wild too. Wanting me to pretend to be their mother, or their girlfriends sister during live sex calls is one thing, but being asked to sneeze or tickle myself on the live sex calls is another! But good fun none the less and I do it because I enjoy it like all the other live sex calls I do.

Fantasies are amazing things in my mind. They start off with a few simple ingredients and then I lay back, close my eyes, and talk to my live sex call customers … he gives me his demands and I deliver on each of my calls. My mind whirs out of control sometimes, and the fantasies can seem too real and I become enveloped in them until I can break out. There are many, many times though that I make the fantasies work for me too. I masturbate freely on most of my live sex calls, unless I am asked not to of course ;). I can spend all day and night working the live sex calls masturbating away, making my self cum a lot or sometimes I wait until the last of my live sex calls that day for climax. The later are the most intense orgasms ever I can tell you! My life is just sex, sex, sex ,sex, sex, sex and more sex!

Live sex calls can be very therapeutic too, they free the mind and often the soul. Making you feel good for the rest of the day or even a week. The live sex calls can and mine will blow your mind. I take great care in giving my live sex call customer what he craves. A dirty filthy live sex call whore or a sweet and innocent girl doing live sex calls to pay her college fees. And of course then there are the dominating live sex calls with my dominatrix side. Now those are wicked in more ways than one. I love to have my little slave cooing over my orders on the live sex calls. To hear them grumble is fuel for my wicked side to develop and the ensuing abuse my little slave will get will be totally deserved . Maybe I could make you do some live sex calls yourself, with a few dirty minded men who want to poke your little holes until they are filled with cream of cream.

There are all types of different ways to have a live phone sex call. Some companies offer live sex calls direct through a premium rate number, where you get a dirty girl on the end of the line instantly. Some take bookings and divert your call to an awaiting live sex calls girl. But this way you get to choose what you want from your live sex call girl and you call is filtered to the right girl accordingly. Satisfaction for all concerned on your live sex calls you see. Because you can almost guarantee the girl you seek will have the same desires and fantasies as you, else she wouldn't be the girl you are looking for to fulfil your live sex call needs right?

If you had a really pleasurable live sex call or calls, would you share your positive feedback with friends? Or do you keep it private? See I think it's nothing at all to be ashamed of, and why shouldn't you tell your mates that you have had a brilliant live sex call experience? It's better than going out and risking your health with dirty unsafe sex. Also those of you who are married … why don't you tell your wife what you do, let her in on your desires. Hell, maybe eve let her listen to you have fun with one of our girls who do live sex calls? I can tell you it will most likely spice up your sex life. If you are lucky she may even partake in some of the action your live sex call girl will get you in to. Now that is some kinky fun, don't you think?

I've had live phone sex calls where I have had both the man and his wife or girlfriend in on the act. I'll direct her as a whore or I'll direct her as my shared lover. The benefits of doing it through live sex calls is that it's completely safe, physically and emotionally. The live sex calls can end when ever you like simply by hanging up your receiver. You don't have to contend with a real live walking talking person with feelings when you use live sex calls to live out this particular fantasy.

Of course with the live sex calls service we provide many different kinds of call. Did you know for instance that you can book a 3 way live sex call? You may have to pay a little extra but just think of the possibilities! 2 girls hot and ready to feast upon you during a raunchy live sex call. Maybe you could have one of them dominating you both, or one of them dominating the other. Or even just listen to them feasting on each other and kick back and have a damn good wank. The girls on the live sex calls are experienced and know just what to say to make you shoot your hot cream laden load all over the place. Live sex calls can do things to your mind you never thought possible. The key to most live sex calls in closing your eyes and really getting yourself into the scene. Picture your girl or girls during your live sex calls. Picture them how ever you like or listen to them reel off their descriptions and form a beautiful mirage in your mind. The live sex calls you will receive can be quick or you can take time and get to know your chosen girls. Pillow talk is a wonderful thing for all the girls as it makes them feel good too. Though a quick hard live sex call is also good for lust and passion, or just plain old filthy hard sex. Your mood is their mood and they will do whatever it takes to pleasure you.

Your cock to me is a beautiful thing, the way it pulses with desire and the way it looks in your hand. I live to see and hear you wank for me. I am totally all over your cock big boy. I want to see you wanking while I talk dirty to you on our live sex calls. Tell me your fantasies and I'll tell you mine, our live sex calls will be magic and will encroach on your mind. I just had to get that out! Live sex calls do that do a persons mind you see. It's all I can think about day and night … live sex calls, and being a live call slut, whore and whatever else you want to call me.

Live sex calls with me will bring you back time and time again. I really do get into each and everyone of my live sex calls. It's the only way to enjoy what you do. How many of you boys would love a job where it's essential to masturbate all day long?

Here are a selection of the type of live sex calls you can book:

Filthy Hardcore live sex calls, Big Boob live sex calls, Foot fetish live sex calls, Party girl live sex calls, Experienced women live sex calls, Just legal live sex calls, Smoking fetish live sex calls, Blonde housewives live sex calls, Domination live sex calls, Nympho girl live sex calls, Pure filth live sex calls, Bi/Lesbian live sex calls, Adult baby live sex calls, Older women on your live sex calls, Spanking live sex calls, Sneezing live sex calls, Voyeur live sex calls (where the girl watches you wank on web cam), Girlfriend experience live sex calls, Gay live sex calls, Transvestite live sex calls, Shemale live sex calls, Transsexual live sex calls, Bondage live sex calls,

Doctors and nurses live sex calls, Dogging desires live sex calls, Swinging live sex calls, 3 way live sex calls (you get two girls or maybe even a male/female couple on your call), Gang bang live sex calls, Tickle my fancy live sex calls, 5 minute wank madness live sex calls, Don't speak just moan live sex calls, College girl live sex calls, Office junior live sex calls (have her sit on your knee while you show her what to do), Anal pleasure live sex calls (one of our girls will be happy to guide you through finding your G-Spot!), Romance and company live sex calls, Hot lust live sex calls.

The list really is endless. You can have almost anything you want! If you have had a burning desire to talk about something weird and wonderful give one of our live sex calls girls a try! What have you got to lose? NOTHING! They don't know your real name they don't know what you look like and they don't know where you live. So let you mind go and your orgasm will follow.

I'll give you a sample of one of my favourites now, so hold on tight and have your hanky ready for the ensuing clean up operation that will follow!

As I look at the clock it's 9:00am on the dot as I enter the office. I'm nervous as hell entering this place. I may be a Temp and I should be used to his by now, but my nerves are a bag of marbles. I can almost feel them clanging around inside me and I am sure people can hear them as I walk past them. I was told to ask for Simon as I arrived, so I find the friendliest looking face among the sea of people sat inside little cubicles in this massive office area. He is also quite cute so that helps my nerves. I'm always more confident around cute guys for some reason. I ask him if he knows where I can find Simon in recruitment and he says "sure, let me just finish this little bit and I'll show you to him". So As I waiting, he pulls up another chair from the empty cubicle next to him and I seat myself cross legged. Then it dawns on me I forgot something important this morning in my rush! My knickers, oh heck. Too late he noticed as I crossed my legs. His eyes are bulging and he is obviously struggling to focus on the task in hand. I clear my throat and try and make some small talk. He willingly answers my questions and begins to relax. Whew! He tells me that this is the sort of thing I'll be working on and do I want a closer look, so I shuffle my chair right next to him and lean forward to see his monitor. As I do I hear him take in a long lingering sniff. And he whispers in my ear "I'm sorry I'm not normally like this, but I can't help myself, you smell beautiful and look amazing, maybe after the day is done here we can go for a drink somewhere or something?" I'm not surprised, I seem to have this effect on a lot of men. I'm also not surprised at the feeling now stirring inside me. I can't stop it, never have been able to. This dirty little slut takes over inside me. So I whisper back "Sure that would be great" and my hand loses control as I slip it over onto his thigh. I'm not messing around here as I have very little time before I have to go and meet this Simon guy. So, knowing the cubicles are very private and from above you can only see the sea of seated heads and anyone walking past would have to go out of their way to see anything more … I drop to my knees. The electric between us feels so strong I can't control it, and dropping to my knees so quickly feels right. The circumstances demand quick action. As he cums in my mouth I swallow hard. Lifting my head with a wry smile across my face he is clearly shocked at what just happened. But then his smile matches mine and … "I think it's time I introduced myself. I'm Simon, Head of Recruitment, and this is your desk, I was just setting things up for you…" "You're going to fit in just fine around here" And with that he winked. I could see instantly my time with this company was going to be fun!

That is just a very small taster of what you would get with me, or ay of our girls on the live sex calls. Go on give us a whirl, you know you want to!



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